Our company which started its business life under the name of Ata Optik Industry Commerce Limited Company on March 15, 1999 takes pride in succeeding its target together with the founder, Mr. Zeki Yılmaz and its whole staff’s broad experience in optics, their sensitiveness about spare parts and after sales service and its quality products. While our company operating in sunglasses-optic frame export and wholesale trade has a wide range of products of high quality; it proceeds on its way with professional and quick steps by business expansion in sunglasses-optic frame sector in all parts of Turkey especially its center located in Ankara.

Our company taking the name of Ata Group Optik Incorporated Company in restructuring process started in 2008 thanks to confidence in succesful last years, celebrates its tenth age in this sector nowadays and carries on its works in order to maintain our success and contribute to expansion our dealers accounting to more than 600. It feels the right proud of its quick increase with TWINEXTE, STEPPER, STEPPER’S brands in  product line.

While our brands having a wide range of products of high quality are being preferred by those who want to see and look beatiful in new season, we frankly believe that your contributions as our distinguished business partners and shoppers will be fruitful for our quickly increasing reputation both at home and abroad.